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cotbp_fandom's Journal

PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl Fandom
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This community is for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, who are *not* fans of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

This community believes that DMC distorted the characters of CotBP to the extent that they are unrecognizable or unlikeable. It does not wish to be associated with Cowardly!Jack, Murderess!Elizabeth or Obsessive!Norrington.

This community exists to form a safe place for people to post based on a CotBP understanding of the characters and universe of PotC. A place where DMC does not have to be treated as canon, and can be criticised or corrected in writing or meta - or simply ignored as if it had never happened.

Want to recommend a great CotBP writing? Or find recommendations? Go here:

CotBP Fic Recs

What is acceptable here:

Writing, meta, pictures, icons etc about any of the CotBP characters, either seperately or in any pairing or combination.
Characters or situations from DMC may be incorporated as long as the characterization of the CotBP characters is not influenced by DMC.

Discussion of actors' comments and performances is welcome, but Real People Fic is not permitted on this comm.

What is not acceptable here:

Intolerance of other people's pairing preferences. Flaming. Rudeness.


We are disenchanted POTC fans, but our intention is not to become a "hate" community or constant bitchfest about everything after CotBP. Though complaints with characterization, plot, etc. are welcomed, please try to maintain a semi-positive tone with your meta posts and comments; if you don't like the way Elizabeth acted in DMC, feel free to state why, but maybe also add what you would have liked to have seen instead onscreen (and feel free to post fic that "fixes" the problems you saw in DMC). We may be unhappy with DMC, but we're still POTC fans, we still love our original CotBP characters.

Nor are we exclusive to complete dislike of DMC - if you mostly liked it but there are just one or two things that stuck under your craw, you're still welcome here. The only real rule is that nobody be shouted down or name-called for their opinions, and nobody troll the community. If you're caught trolling solely to provoke, you'll be tossed out faster than Jack can bat his eyes.

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