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POTC fandom offering to help Haiti [Jan. 14th, 2010|10:19 pm]
PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl Fandom



If you are a writer or artist who is part of the help_haiti effort, offering POTC-related fanworks in exchange for donations to relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti, and you would like your offering to be listed on a master list on this community so it will get the attention of potential bidders, please comment below with your thread link and whether you're offering fic, art, or something else. (Please do not HTML the link by embedding it in a word or some such to click upon; just list the straight thread URL and I will update this post to include it.)

Bidding for these "services" ends on Jan. 20. Here are the auctions that I know about from my f-list. If I have accidentally missed anyone or you want to be added, please comment below:

pir8fancier FIC
concertigrossi FIC
jigglycat ART
veronica_rich FIC
rexluscus FIC
alone_dreaming FIC
weirdqafan GRAPHICS
moofoot FIC
tyleet27 FIC
viva_gloria FIC
commodoresexual FIC
tootsiemuppet ART
sharklady35 FIC
philosophercat FIC
slashfairy FIC/BETAING
immortal_jedi FIC

(Please note that neither I nor the other moderators are highlighting any particular artists or writers; all offering POTC are welcome to be listed. This is simply my idea and an attempt to centralize a single fandom listing and concentrate it into one spot as much as possible.)

/crossposted; will be updated across comms as well